Verbier Chalet Owner Service

Our Verbier Chalet Owner Service provides owners of luxury chalets in Verbier with access to a range of high quality management, operational and administration services, designed to save you time and/or to ensure appropriate high quality support for your chalet, you, your family and guests in Verbier, Switzerland.

Chalet Management

A professional service, designed to suit your requirements and needs, with pragmatic high quality support for you, your family and guests – covering oversight and/or selection of suppliers and contractors connected to design, construction, snagging support, maintenance, administration and a range of personal services.

Chalet Operation

Professional bespoke operational support based on criteria set by you such as project management, delivery, quality and/or cost reduction and efficiency:

  • Chalet operational review and selection of suppliers and contractors
  • Electrical, plumbing, security, technical, decorating, audio visual, satellite, TV, home cinema, pool, Jacuzzi, hot tub, spa, gardening, snow clearance and/or general facility maintenance
  • Fixtures, fittings, furnishings, hotelware (eg facilitate, select, purchase, re-order)
  • Housekeeping, cleaning, laundry
  • Firewood and BBQ charcoal
  • Landscape design and/or adjustments or redesign of chalet gardens
  • General property maintenance and/or repairs
  • Chalet Spa Luxury Rental Service
Chalet Administration

Professional administration support based on criteria set by you:

  • Mail and correspondence
  • Appointments and meetings
  • Contracts linked to suppliers, contractors, staff and local work permits, utilities, telephone systems, internet, cable and/or satellite TV, local insurance for property, cars, protection services for monitoring fire, water damage, home security and personal security
  • Establishing & managing a control process for suppliers, contractors, staff employed locally and utility costs linked to chalet management and operation
  • Bookkeeping, record keeping & financial statements linked to the operation of your chalet
  • Verbier Concierge Service
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