Family Office

Chalet Spa Family Office provides an experienced and professional interface to a range of family office services, designed to save you time and to ensure an appropriate high quality service and effective logistical support for your family and wealth in Switzerland, Jersey or the Bahamas.

We have the experience to facilitate and help you with:

  • Identifying a suitably discreet private banker or other financial services supplier, and creating or opening a safe facility or bank accounts in Switzerland, Jersey or Bahamas, with appropriate and trustworthy support for execution, payments, monitoring bank accounts, portfolio accounts, investments, wealth management, custody, specialised finance, insurance etc.
  • Logistical support with oversight of your private bank relationships in Switzerland, Jersey or Bahamas
  • Establishment of a presence in Switzerland, Jersey or Bahamas
  • Support in identifying private equity or specialist finance and insurance for business interests & real estate
  • Identify and introduce you to private international schools in Switzerland
  • Identify and introduce you to private Swiss health clinics or accompany you for health and medical services while in Switzerland
  • Relocation to Switzerland or Jersey (practical and technical)
  • Selection of contractors in Switzerland or Jersey
  • Real estate support (linked to sale, purchase, rental and property management)
  • Identify and introduce legal support
  • Identify and introduce tax support (for aspects concerning domicile, residence, structuring, optimisation, etc)
  • Personal travel assistance or support (e.g. for vacation planning)
  • Lifestyle support (aspects such as education, fitness, wellbeing, medical & insurance)

For further information, our credentials or to arrange a private consultation, please contact us

Swiss +41 (0) 27 771 7803
UK +44 (0)7797 718201

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