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Chalet Spa Verbier was designed and built to our own exacting requirements and carries the exclusive Chalet Spa identity. Our collection of exclusive spa properties has been created to reflect the key features inherent in Chalet Spa Verbier in Switzerland – our heritage.

The exclusive spa properties in our collection have been selected because they reflect the following elements:

  • Sought after location
  • Stunning views
  • Beautiful design
  • A range of high quality facilities designed for a variety of family activities
  • Swimming pool with a stunning view and / or spa / fitness facilities and services
  • Excellent service with access to a private chef, concierge and therapists
  • Effective property management and support
Chalet Spa has a well established history and the properties and services provided within our collection embody historic elements of the original Swiss chalet concept, combined with the facilities and services of a modern luxury Spa to encourage the reinvigoration and renewal of mind, body and spirit.

Chalet Spa LifeStyle embodies the exclusivity and luxury for which Chalet Spa Verbier has become recognised.

Chalet Spa Services embodies a range of high quality related services that have evolved over time since we started the Chalet Spa Collection.


Swiss +41 (0) 27 771 7803
UK +44 (0)7797 718201

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Chalet Spa Verbier

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